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Institutional Equity, Prime Brokerage & Bank Resource Management Industrial Placement

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Placement and duration

The Institutional Equity, Bank Resource Management and Prime Brokerage Division Industrial Placement Programme is aimed at undergraduates who are either required by their degree or are able to complete a longer internship period. The six month internship begins in mid -January and offers you the opportunity learn about a variety of product areas, while providing a clear understanding of how the business operates as a whole. Following an initial period of training and induction, you will be assigned to a particular team where you will spend the remainder of your placement. Interns are treated as full-time members of the team and work alongside experienced professionals at all levels.

Training program

Industrial placement interns participate in an orientation day and training program and will be given extensive learning opportunities including technical training and lunch-time speaker series with senior executives, mentoring, networking, charity and social events.

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Opportunities exist across the following business areas:

  • Sales: Work alongside experienced employees to learn how we build our client base and establish and maintain long-term client relationships.
  • Trading: Develop and execute trading ideas and analysis, and support all aspects of the market-making trade execution process, from research analytics on trades to relative value analysis.
  • Structuring: Use innovative and solutions-based approach to designing both investment and risk management products across all asset classes.
  • Analytics: Provide quantitative and qualitative analytics around client revenue and profitability; work to efficiently manage commission dollars by creating increased transparency around the services that clients value.

Bank Resource Management interns will also gain exposure to some of the following business activities:

  • Equity Securities Lending Trading: Borrow securities from the world’s largest lending institutions and assist in lending functions to our clients.
  • Secured Funding: Learn how Morgan Stanley uses Repo and Stock Loan products to finance the Firm. Understand the Firm’s secured funding framework and governance and assist traders in executing secured funding trades within this framework.
  • Counterparty Portfolio Management: Quote/validate initial margin on new OTC trades and analyze historical data to ensure risk is adequately covered.
  • Strategy: Learn about current BRM and Firm strategic initiatives and help pursue current strategies.
  • Business Management: Includes understanding of balance sheet management, risk controls around all of BRM’s business units, management of capital and client analytics.

As a Prime Brokerage intern you will:

  • Get the opportunity to work across all areas of our business, gaining a huge exposure to products, services and clients.
  • Have the opportunity to engage more broadly with key related business lines such as Equity Swaps, Securities Lending, and Equity Sales.
  • This role gives you a high level of responsibility, interaction within the firm, client contact and the ability to add significant value from day 1.

Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

  • You possess strong analytical, problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • You are currently due to graduate between October 2021 and July 2022 with no further study planned
  • You are able to communicate clearly and succinctly and thrive under pressure and ever-changing situations.
  • You analyse and interpret complex information quickly and accurately.
  • Study in a financial discipline is not essential, although you should have a strong aptitude for numbers.
  • You actively generate and share new ideas and are committed to achieving your career goals.
  • Fluency in English required and  fluency in Asian lanaguages preferred