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Placement and Duration

The Prime Brokerage Industrial Placement Internship Program is aimed at undergraduates who are completing a four-year degree with a year out in industry as a requirement for their degree. The one-year internship, which is based in London and begins in June, offers you the opportunity to learn about a variety of product areas within Prime Brokerage, while providing a clear understanding of how the Sales & Trading division operates as a whole. Following an initial period of training and induction, you will be assigned to a particular team where you will spend the remainder of your placement. Interns are treated as full-time members of the team and work alongside experienced professionals at all levels. 

Prime Brokerage offers an array of services to hedge fund clients, while acting as a portal to the broader firm. Services include managing client relationships, providing hedge fund financing, acting as a custodian of assets and lending securities for short positions. The wider Prime Brokerage Division also includes specific product desks collectively known as Derivative Structured Products and the pricing and profitability of the business is overseen by a dedicated Prime Brokerage Finance Team

Training program

All new Industrial Placement Interns participate in an orientation programme covering the Firm's businesses, the transition from an academic setting to a corporate environment and the chance to establish a network throughout the Firm globally. Interns then attend divisional training where they learn the core skills required to be successful on the job. The curriculum focuses on the Sales & Trading business and the various products, processes and systems required to be successful in the role. In addition, all Interns learn and network with peers, mentors and managers through group projects and other organised events


Opportunities exist within the following teams:

  • Prime Brokerage Client Coverage: This team acts as the first point of contact for all our Prime Brokerage hedge fund clients. Apart from overseeing the account activity and mitigating risk, the client coverage team really gets to know their client's business so they can build a long-term relationship and ensure the Firm is well-positioned to capitalise on future growth. The wider team also specialises in continuously developing the product so it remains relevant to our clients.
  • Derivative Structured Products: Morgan Stanley offers synthetic derivative products to both institutions and hedge funds, allowing them to access markets with ease and simplicity. We also create bespoke structured solutions to meet client demand. The role includes interaction with the various functions across the desk including trading and risk management. The role is also client-facing, helping manage the execution and delivery of the products to the end client. You will also be responsible for collating and reporting data on client activity and the performance of these products.
  • Prime Brokerage Finance: Help to analyse trends in client profitability, including fees charged to clients, costs of internal and external financing, and direct and allocated costs. The role involves monitoring these internal and external financing costs, helping to  devise future pricing strategy and analysing the potential profitability of new business

Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

  • You are an undergraduate studying for a degree in which a year in industry is part of your structured course syllabus.
  • You possess strong analytical, problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • You are able to communicate clearly and succinctly and thrive under pressure and ever-changing situations.
  • You analyse and interpret complex information quickly and accurately.
  • Study in a financial discipline is not essential, although you should have a strong aptitude for numbers.
  • You actively generate and share new ideas and are committed to achieving your career goals.


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Application Process and Deadline

The deadline to submit an application is Sunday 22 November 2020. Please note we may also have some additional off-cycle positions available throughout the year, depending on business needs.

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