Placement and duration

The Analyst Program provides graduates with an opportunity to master the analytical, quantitative and interpersonal skills needed to develop a rewarding career within Fixed Income. With a flat structure and an open trading floor, you will collaborate with and learn from some of the most successful professionals in the industry. The Full-time Analyst Program generally begins in late June and runs for 2 - 3 years.

Training program

Full-time Analysts participate in a Firmwide orientation and training program. The curriculum includes daily market updates, accounting, credit risk analysis, business overview speaker series, fundamental and advanced product and technical training, and registration preparation. In addition, Full-time Analysts network with peers, mentors and senior managers through team-building sessions and other organized events.

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  • Sales: Work alongside experienced employees and begin developing your client base to establish and maintain long-term client relationships, developing and presenting investment ideas, selling and cross-selling the Firm’s products, and representing the Firm with clients on important business issues.
  • Trading: Execute trading ideas and analysis, and support all aspects of the market-making trade execution process from providing research analytics on trades to relative value analysis.
  • Structuring: Use innovative and solutions-based approaches to designing both investment and risk management products across all asset classes.
  • Research/Strategy: Analyze market fundamentals and liaise with researchers to develop investment recommendations for internal and external clients.
  • Analytics: Provide quantitative and qualitative metrics and analytics around client revenue and profitability to drive internal business and client strategy; work with clients to manage their commission dollars by creating increased transparency around the services that clients value.

Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

  • University students in their final year of study with outstanding academic results; preference towards financial, economic, business-related studies.
  • Candidates need a genuine interest and understanding of the Asian financial markets. Fluency in English is essential and Asian language skills are desired.
  • Students are expected to have undertaken past work or possess internship business experience.
  • Candidates should be analytical, quantitative, insightful, adaptive, quick learners, leaders, team players, multi-taskers and possess a strong work ethic, strong verbal and written communication skills, and a positive attitude.