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Step In, Step Up - Our Programs

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Step In Step Up - Our Programs

Our Step In, Step Up programs are designed to offer students in Year 12 & 13 an insight into our Firm and culture. We host a number of insight days; attendees can participate in networking opportunities, interactive workshops, case studies, group presentations and professional and technical training. 

Discover more about our award winning and new programs: Insight into Banking, An Insight Into Technology, Mixed Schools Open Day and Foundations in Finance.

Foundations in Finance

This four day social mobility program is the newest addition to Morgan Stanley's Step In, Step Up programs and is aimed at identifying undiscovered talented individuals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds who are keen to learn about our industry and release their potential.

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An Insight Into Banking

A two day in-depth introduction into investment banking at Morgan Stanley. This is a unique opportunity for Year 12 and 13 female students to join us for hands on skills sessions, a tour of the trading floor and invaluable networking sessions. Meet our inspiring individuals and discover your passion for finance.

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An Insight To Technology

A one day in-depth introduction into our various technology programs at Morgan Stanley. This program gives Year 12 and 13 female students the chance to partake in interactive challanges, panel sessions and career workshops. Meet our inspiring individuals and discover your passion for technology.

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Mixed Schools Open Day

An Open Day for all Year 13 students who want an opportunity to meet our people, discover our culture and take part in our interactive workshops and presentations. This is a day of networking, learning and discovery.

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Step In Step Up - Foundations in Finance

Entry Requirements: Year 13 students from a disadvantaged background

Program Duration: 4 day Insight Program

Program Dates: Runs in September

What Will You Learn? Gain insights into a number of different areas, including Investment Banking, Global Capital Markets, Sales, Trading & Research and Technology. Students will have the opportunity to delve into our culture and discover who we are

Step In Step Up - An Insight to Banking

Entry Requirements: Year 12 & 13 Female Students

Porgram Duration:  2 day Insight Program

Program Dates: February, July and October

What Will You Learn? A comprehensive overview of how various divisions and roles interact with one another. Participants will gain an understanding of an investment bank's various functions and departments

Step In, Step Up - An Insight To Technology

Entry Requirements: Year 12 & 13 Female Students

Program Duration: 1 day Insight Program

Program Dates: July

What Will You Learn? Gain an understanding of the different technology divisions at Morgan Stanley, how they link together and how they shape our firm in order to give the best service to our clients

Step In Step Up - Mixed Schools Open Day

Entry Requirements: Year 13 Students

Program Duration: 1 day Insight Program

Program Dates: July

What Will You Learn? A great start in understanding the many different aspects of our industry and how we as Morgan Stanley position ourselves to create a culture and environment we are proud of


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