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Summer Analyst

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Placement and duration

The 10-week program is an opportunity for students to gain a strong foundation in the basic skills of financial problem-solving, negotiation and execution, and credit risk management.

Training program

Training begins with an induction day to the Firm and the division, followed by formal classroom training, and then continued on-the-job training. Summer Analysts will also participate in charity activities, engage in a speaker series and cross-divisional networking events to ensure analysts have a good understanding of the Firm, the employees and Morgan Stanley's values.

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Summer Analysts learn to employ the skills fundamental to credit research, including:

  • Critical reading, writing, reasoning and communicating to assess the credit worthiness of companies in various industries.
  • Presenting their views to CRM senior professionals for approval.

Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

  • You are in your penultimate year.
  • You have superior written and verbal communication skills.
  • You have a strong quantitative orientation and can manage dynamic priorities.


Morgan Stanley Hong Kong

The Hong Kong office is Morgan Stanley’s regional headquarters for the Asia Pacific region. Since first operating in Hong Kong in 1987, Morgan Stanley has expanded to offer its complete range of products and services to clients across the region, including institutional securities, corporate finance and advisory, private wealth management and investment management.

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Application Process & Deadlines

Students must apply online at

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