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Placement and duration

The FSE Analyst Program is typically a two-year program in which Analysts will have the opportunity to work on the full spectrum of projects in which the group is involved, relying on skill sets in both investment banking and strategic consulting. Through analysis and execution of principal M&A projects, Analysts work on company valuation, deal sourcing, structuring and execution, due diligence, negotiations and business integration. On strategic consulting projects, Analysts rely on advanced strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Exceptional analysts may have the opportunity to continue as Associates and beyond with the team, providing an exciting long term career opportunity.

Training program

FSE Analysts attend the seven-week Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Division (IBD) training program, where Analysts receive financial, accounting and modeling training from accomplished instructors, bankers and university professors. The majority of training takes place in a classroom setting. These classes are complemented by practical sessions generally taught by Morgan Stanley bankers on such topics as Morgan Stanley valuation techniques, modeling methodologies and real-life case studies. FSE Analysts may participate in additional training focused specifically on the financial services sector and industry-specific valuation and accounting methodology.

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FSE projects are aligned with Morgan Stanley's three main business units: Institutional Securities, Asset Management and Wealth Management. Projects are categorized as either:

  • Strategic Consulting Projects: Evaluating market trends, competitive forces and internal competencies to identify emerging opportunities for the Firm; providing leadership and support for the strategic development and capital planning process.
  • M&A Execution Projects: Providing valuation analysis and execution expertise for potential mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and minority investments for Morgan Stanley.

Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

  • You are pursuing a Bachelor's degree and will graduate between December 2020 and July 2021.
  • You have superior academic achievements and a strong interest in financial services.
  • You are analytical and quantitative, a quick learner, both a leader and team player.
  • You are a great multi-tasker, possess a strong work ethic, have excellent verbal and written communication skills and a positive attitude.
  • You have excellent decision-making abilities.


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