Morgan Stanley

Diversity Pipeline Program FAQ

Early Insights for Black, Hispanic, Women, LGBT, and Veterans.

What criteria do you look for in eligible candidates

Eligible candidates for our Black, Hispanic and Women’s EI are freshmen and sophomores and for our LGBT and Veterans EI, eligible candidates are freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

How do I apply for the program

Candidates who are interested in our Early Insights programs can find the link to apply by clicking here. Additionally, at select schools we post our marketing flyer for the application on the career counseling sites.

When are the applications available

Each of our Early Insights programs occurs at a different time of year. Our LGBT and Veterans Early Insights programs are typically held in the Fall and applications are available beginning in September. Our Black, Hispanic and Female Early Insights programs are typically held in the Spring and the applications are available in February.

When will I receive a response regarding my application

Students are notified about the final status of their application on an on-going basis. You will receive communications once your application is received and subsequent updates throughout the process until we reach a final decision on your status.

How can I prepare to be a competitive applicant

All applicants are welcome to apply. Competitive applicants are those who have a strong GPA and have demonstrated leadership skills. Having an interest in the financial services industry is a plus! Some examples of how this interest can be displayed are involvement with on campus organizations, clubs, academic coursework, and/or prior internship experience.

Are there particular majors or academic disciplines you look for in applicants who apply to the program

We welcome candidates with all academic backgrounds.

What can I expect as an attendee

As a participant you will get a chance to learn about the financial services industry and network with representatives from various divisions. In addition, you will gain exposure to Morgan Stanley’s culture and receive guidance on how to navigate the recruiting process.

What happens after I attend the program

After attending our program, you will receive regular updates about our recruiting process. You will receive ongoing communications about future events and programs and you will be given our divisional recruiters’ contact information to continue to keep in touch with Morgan Stanley.

How much do I need to know about finance before I attend your program

In advance of attending one of our programs, you do not need to have had previous finance industry exposure. Our program will provide you with an opportunity to gain the industry insight needed to help you choose which roles at Morgan Stanley would be best suited for you.

What divisions are highlighted during the Early Insights program

Generally our Bank Resource Management, Equity Research, Fixed Income, Firm Strategy and Execution, Global Capital Markets, Investment Banking, Institutional Equity, Investment Management, Quantitative Finance, Public Finance, and Wealth Management divisions participate in our early insights programs.

What programs are available if I am interested in the Infrastructure or Company Divisions

We offer Career Discovery Day for those candidates who are interested in our infrastructure divisions.

Will Morgan Stanley cover my travel costs to/from this program

We cover travel expenses to/from New York for selected participants. More information is provided after being extended an invitation to attend.