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Early Insights Frequently Asked Questions

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What qualifications are needed for a career in investment banking/financial services?

We encourage applications from students of all backgrounds and recruit from a range of schools globally across all academic disciplines. We look for students with strong academic results and a genuine interest in our business and our region. Successful candidates will be well-rounded and resilient with strong written and verbal communication skills and a demonstrated interest in the financial services industry.

Which university should I go to?

Choosing the right university is a very personal thing and there are many factors that will likely influence your decision. At Morgan Stanley we recruit from across all academic disciplines and encourage applications from students of all backgrounds.

Is further study after university required?

That's entirely up to you—it isn't a prerequisite for any of our entry-level programs, however, should you decide to continue your studies, we do offer additional programs intended for students with post-graduate qualifications, such as our Associate Program for MBA students in their penultimate year of study.

What could I be doing now to increase my chances of entering the industry?

Focusing on your academic grades, taking part in extracurricular activities, conducting an internship, and securing a part-time job or voluntary work are good starting points. Also, as soon as you start university, register with your career services department and make sure you start your career search early. We have programs for each stage of your university career including our Early Insight and Sophomore Programs and Analyst and Associate internships. This means that by the time you are in your final year, you have an in-depth understanding of the industry and career opportunities at Morgan Stanley. We encourage you to research various industries and to attend skill sessions and company presentations to help you narrow your search of potential, suitable future employers. Build a network of people in organizations you meet at events so you can leverage them and discuss interesting industry news. By making time for work experience and internships throughout university, you ought to be in a position to successfully secure a position on a graduate program by the time you graduate.

What is a typical day like?

No one day is the same at Morgan Stanley, and that is what makes our firm the exciting and challenging place it is. We encourage you to explore our website, where we feature profiles from more than 200 employees from different divisions across the Firm. The profiles highlight each employee’s individual career experiences; visit here to access the profiles.

What are the advantages of working in this industry?

Working in financial services is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. When we ask people who have joined the Firm this question, they tell us that a huge advantage of our Firm is the culture and global community of exceptional people that work here, which means they are constantly developing their skills. In addition to learning from other employees, each of our graduates embarks on a comprehensive training and development program that has had an outstanding reputation for more than 30 years. With training programs of this calibre and a culture that is open, inclusive, and supportive, we help new joiners to realize their full potential from the start of their careers. There is a great focus on ensuring all employees have an equal opportunity to succeed and develop at the Firm—for example, we have numerous employee networks that are designed to advance the Firm's culture of diversity and inclusion. They bring together employees with similar goals and interests and support the Firm's overall mission of recruiting and developing the most diverse and inclusive workforce possible, creating a foundation that fosters creative and innovative thinking.

How important are work experience and internship opportunities?

There are many advantages to work experience. You get first-hand experience of how an organization is structured and what people are expected to do on a day-to-day basis. You gain an understanding of an organization's culture through engaging with the employees and are able to make a more informed decision as to whether the industry is for you and whether you would thrive on the challenges of a fast-paced environment. Furthermore, you demonstrate at an early stage that you are proactive and seriously considering your career options.

What is the training like at Morgan Stanley?

Training at Morgan Stanley is a continual process that includes group, one-on-one and on the job training programs. Each division runs its own structured training program for candidates joining the Firm straight from university. Thereafter, most training would be on the job, but some divisions include not only a rotational component in their programs, but also additional classroom-based training to further develop technical skills and the tools needed for career growth.

Can you tell me about the people at Morgan Stanley?

The diversity of our people is one of Morgan Stanley's strengths. Our people come from across the full spectrum of academic backgrounds, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, belief, religion, age, culture, and level of physical ability. The different perspectives and skills they bring to the table are absolutely integral to our success. We encourage our employees to bring their full selves to work, and we foster an environment that prides itself on inclusivity and cohesiveness, which makes us unique. To find out more about what our people are like, check out the employee profiles on our website.

Are there opportunities to work abroad with Morgan Stanley?

Yes—career mobility within Morgan Stanley is one of the aspects of both individual and Firm success. We take an active approach to getting the right people into the right jobs at the right time. Our Firm's talent management efforts ensure programs and initiatives to provide learning opportunities, improve knowledge and skills, and actively help employees manage their career paths and for many individuals this means having a career stint abroad.

What opportunities are available once I reach university?

Please check our website for an overview of all the programs we offer.