Helping organizations effectively manage their retirement plans and maximize the benefits to their employees.

Focusing on Retirement Plan Outcomes
As your Financial Advisor, we will help you navigate the fiduciary landscape by delivering customized retirement plan solutions to help meet your organizations unique objectives.

•   Defined Contribution Plans
•   Defined Benefit Plans
•   Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
•   Cash Balance Plans

Experience and Guidance
that Makes a Difference

Our tailored solutions empower organizations to make informed decisions about their retirement plan and benefits for employees. When working with Morgan Stanley, we provide the highest standard of care and benefit you to help ensure:

Retirement Readiness of Your Employees
Management of Your Investments and Fiduciary Risk
Plan Sponsor and Employee Satisfaction

Our Comprehensive Approach

A customized end-to-end process providing benefits to both plan sponsor and employees:

Plan Management & Risk Mitigation
Impartial Advocate
Development of Fiduciary Best Practices
Strategic Plan Design
Regulatory Updates
Investment Management
Develop Investment Policy
Due Diligence Infrastructure
Investment Monitoring & Reporting
Investment Advice
Expense and Service Provider Oversight
Impartial Plan Benchmarking
Fee Negotiations
Liaison & Issue Resolution
Provider Search & Selection
Employee Engagement
Oversight & Delivery of Employee Education Plan
Enhancing Participant Outcomes
Customized Model Portfolios

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