Fund Name KII1 ISIN Currency NAV2
As of 04-Aug-2022
Balanced 2027 Fund A pdf LU2341239478 EUR* 90.986
Balanced 2027 Fund A1 pdf LU2455947981 EUR* 101.744
Balanced 2027 Fund AX pdf LU2341240054 EUR* 91.011
Balanced 2027 Fund A1X pdf LU2455948013 EUR* 101.747
Multiactivos Global Conservador Fund Z pdf LU1780476120 EUR* 24.438
Multiactivos Global Prudente Fund Z pdf LU1780476633 EUR* 25.140
Multiactivos Global Prudente Fund ZX pdf LU1780476807 EUR* 23.557
Global Multi-Asset Risk Control Fund of Funds Z pdf LU1409372742 USD* 9,619.725
Global Multi-Asset Risk Control Fund of Funds ZH pdf LU1409373393 EUR* 0.000
Global Multi-Asset Growth Fund Z pdf LU1409373716 USD* 11,333.693
Global Multi-Asset Growth Fund ZH pdf LU1409374102 EUR* 0.000
Global Solutions Defensive Fund A pdf LU1965932251 USD* 24.049
Global Solutions Defensive Fund I pdf LU1965932418 USD* 24.643
Global Solutions Balanced Fund A pdf LU1965932681 USD* 25.166
Global Solutions Balanced Fund I pdf LU1965932848 USD* 25.817

* Base currency
1 Key Investor Information
2 NAV is the Net Asset Value per share of the Fund (NAV), which represents the value of the assets of a fund less its liabilities.

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This is a marketing communication.

Applications for shares in the Fund should not be made without first consulting the current Prospectus and the Key Investor Information Document (“KIID”), which are available in English and in the official language of your local jurisdiction at or free of charge from the Registered Office at 287-289, route d’Arlon L-1150 Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. A summary of investor rights is available in English at the same website.

Information in relation to sustainability aspects of the Fund and the summary of investor rights is available at the aforementioned website.

If the management company of the relevant Fund decides to terminate its arrangement for marketing that Fund in any EEA country where it is registered for sale, it will do so in accordance with the relevant UCITS rules.

Returns may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations.

Respective investors are invited to consult MUFG Lux Management Company`s Summary of Investor Rights document made available under the following link: 

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