Fund Name KII1 ISIN Currency NAV2
As of 23-Jul-2021
Multiactivos Global Conservador Fund Z pdf LU1780476120 EUR* 25.607
Multiactivos Global Prudente Fund Z pdf LU1780476633 EUR* 26.109
Multiactivos Global Prudente Fund ZX pdf LU1780476807 EUR* 24.853
Global Multi-Asset Risk Control Fund of Funds Z pdf LU1409372742 EUR* 10,938.052
Global Multi-Asset Risk Control Fund of Funds ZH pdf LU1409373393 EUR* 9,925.607
Global Multi-Asset Growth Fund Z pdf LU1409373716 EUR* 12,553.789
Global Multi-Asset Growth Fund ZH pdf LU1409374102 EUR* 11,392.806
Global Solutions Defensive Fund A pdf LU1965932251 EUR* 27.382
Global Solutions Defensive Fund I pdf LU1965932418 EUR* 27.841
Global Solutions Balanced Fund A pdf LU1965932681 USD* 29.079
Global Solutions Balanced Fund I pdf LU1965932848 USD* 29.601

* Base currency
1 Key Investor Information
2 NAV is the Net Asset Value per share of the Fund (NAV), which represents the value of the assets of a fund less its liabilities.

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