Fund Name KII1 ISIN Currency NAV2 As of Date
Developing Opportunity Fund F ACC GB00BL6Y0240 GBP* 11.5583 25-11-2020
Developing Opportunity Fund I ACC GB00BL6Y0R97 GBP* 11.5510
Global Brands Equity Income Fund F INC GB00BF2B0R27 GBP* 12.1043 25-11-2020
Global Brands Equity Income Fund I ACC GB00BZ4CG420 GBP* 15.3851
Global Brands Equity Income Fund I INC GB00BZ4CG537 GBP* 13.0568
Global Brands Fund I ACC GB0032482498 GBP* 113.5757 25-11-2020
Global Brands Fund I Accumulation (Portfolio Hedged) GB00BJNQ8J24 GBP* 14.0503
Global Brands Fund I INC GB00B45K0579 GBP* 31.5837
Global Brands Fund I Income (Portfolio Hedged) GB00BJNQ8K39 GBP* 13.6363
Global Sustain Fund F ACC GB00BJNQ0W90 GBP* 11.2009 25-11-2020
Global Sustain Fund F Accumulation (Portfolio Hedged) GB00BK0WFT91 GBP* 10.9984
Global Sustain Fund F INC GB00BJNQ0X08 GBP* 11.1159
Global Sustain Fund I ACC GB00BJNQ0V83 GBP* 11.1812
Global Sustain Fund I Accumulation (Portfolio Hedged) GB00BK0WFV14 GBP* 11.0459
Global Sustain Fund I INC GB00BJNQ0T61 GBP* 11.1063
Sterling Corporate Bond Fund F ACC GB00BHZ7N839 GBP* 1.4198 25-11-2020
Sterling Corporate Bond Fund F INC GB00BHZ7N946 GBP* 1.1917
Sterling Corporate Bond Fund I ACC GB0004757497 GBP* 30.2968
Sterling Corporate Bond Fund I INC GB0032487331 GBP* 16.7579
US Advantage Fund F ACC GB00BYYDFT68 GBP* 23.9794 25-11-2020
US Advantage Fund F Accumulation (Portfolio Hedged) GB00BK0WFW21 GBP* 15.3080
US Advantage Fund I ACC GB00BZ4CG750 GBP* 25.6847
US Advantage Fund I Accumulation (Portfolio Hedged) GB00BK0WFX38 GBP* 16.1028

* Base currency
1 Key Investor Information
2 NAV is the Net Asset Value per share of the Fund (NAV), which represents the value of the assets of a fund less its liabilities.

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