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MSIM Institute  •  21-ott-2021

Navigating Evolving Opportunities in Sustainable Investing 

John Streur, Emily Chew, Navindu Katugampola
Investor-useful ESG research and the availability of comparable, timely and transparent sustainability data is becoming increasingly important in a space that is fast growing, where definitions continue to be somewhat flexible or not yet defined by regulators.

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MSIM Institute  •  20-ott-2021

How to Generate Returns in Today's Fixed-Income Markets 

Jack Cimarosa
Yields are at all-time lows, but relative value opportunities remain on an idiosyncratic and subsector basis, such as in select areas of high yield, collateralized loan obligations and local-currency emerging markets debt.

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MSIM Institute  •  19-ott-2021

What's next in China? 

Leon Sun, Chin Chou, Samantha Schoen
China’s government is trying to tackle many important issues that are vexing countries around the world. For the next five years, we see the government seeking to achieve so-called high-quality growth instead of just high growth of the economy.

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The Morgan Stanley Investment Management Virtual Institute 2021 conference provided a timely opportunity for institutional asset owners and our global investment experts to engage on a number of front-of-mind topics and themes in the current pandemic-impacted economic and investment environment. Topics covered included China following the regulatory reset, why U.S. inflation may overshoot, evolving opportunities in sustainable investing, post-crisis alpha opportunities in alternative investments, growth paths for emerging markets and how investors can generate returns in today’s fixed income markets.  On this page are select write-ups of some of the sessions.

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