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sustainable-investing page
Sustainable Investing  •  26-May-2020

Asset Owners See Sustainability as Core to the Future of Investing 

Morgan Stanley’s second Sustainable Signals survey of institutional asset owners provides key insights on current trends in sustainable investing.

Liquidity Liquidity page
Market Insights  •  12-May-2020

Central Banks Continue to Pledge Support to the Economy 

Global Liquidity Team
As coronavirus impacts materialize central banks around the world continue to pledge support to global economy.

Liquidity Liquidity page
Market Insights  •  28-Apr-2020

Central Banks to the Rescue 

Global Liquidity Team
Central banks acted expeditiously to stave off economic impacts from COVID-19. A discussion of what actions were taken and how our portfolios are positioned.

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Liquidity Liquidity page
Market Insights  •  24-Feb-2020

Central Banks Start New Decade on Hold 

Global Liquidity Team
The first FOMC meeting of 2020 was mostly a non-event, as Chairman Powell reiterated his view that the current policy is “appropriate,” and that without any material change in the data going forward, it will likely remain unchanged.

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Liquidity Liquidity page
Market Insights  •  31-Dec-2019

Central Banks Close the Year on a Quieter Note 

Global Liquidity Team
As expected, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) kept the range for the federal funds rate unchanged at 1.50%-1.75% during its December meeting.

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Liquidity Liquidity pdf
Market Insights  •  18-Dec-2019

A Quieter Month for Central Banks 

Global Liquidity Team
All is quiet on the interest rate front, as the U.S. Federal Reserve indicates their monetary policy is “well calibrated” and global central banks take a breather.

2020-outlooks Liquidity Liquidity page
2020 Outlook  •  18-Dec-2019

Fed 2020 : la barre pour une inflexion de la politique monétaire est fixée plus haut  

Global Liquidity Team
Après un « ajustement de milieu de cycle » l’an dernier, la Fed devrait se montrer attentiste en 2020. Qu’est-ce que cela signifie pour les marchés ? Voici les explications de l’équipe Global Liquidity.

Liquidity Liquidity pdf
Market Insights  •  31-Oct-2019

Fed Cuts Again, but is a Pause on the Horizon? 

Global Liquidity Team
The FOMC lowered the target rate by 0.25% on October 30th, its third rate decrease of the year. However, it appears likely that the Fed will pause and make no further rate adjustments until a “material change” in economic data dictates a change in policy.

Liquidity Liquidity page
Media Appearance  •  05-Oct-2019

Global Liquidity Solutions Corporate Treasury Update 

Global Liquidity Team
The Global Liquidity Solutions Team joins Strategic Treasurer’s Seismic Shifts in Corporate Treasury podcast series to examine the major shifts in technology and implications for treasury investors.

Liquidity Liquidity pdf
Market Insights  •  30-Sep-2019

Federal Reserve Cuts Again While the ECB Restarts QE 

Global Liquidity Team
U.S. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell cut rates in September, consistent with his policy commitment to “sustain the economic expansion.” Similarly, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi reduced the deposit rate and initiated a 20 billion euro per month stimulus package, based on concerns stemming from global trade tensions and Brexit fallout.

Liquidity Liquidity pdf
Market Insights  •  31-Aug-2019

Yields Decline As Investors Prepare For Lower Rates 

Global Liquidity Team
Against a backdrop of muted inflation pressures and escalating U.S.-China trade tensions, investors fled to government securities in August as central banks prepared for additional rate cuts to support a slowing global economy.

sustainable-investing page
Sustainable Investing  •  14-Jan-2019

About the Investment Management Sustainability Council 

The IM Sustainability Council drives IM’s global effort by promoting an overall framework for integrating ESG and ESG standards into IM’s investment processes, product development, measurement, education, client engagement and reporting.


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