Surajit Ray is an Executive Director of Morgan Stanley where he serves as a Portfolio Manager for the Managed Solutions Group (MSG) of Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s (MSIM) Solutions & Multi-Asset platform. He joined Morgan Stanley in 2007 and has over 20 years of industry experience. 

Prior to joining MSG, Surajit was Head of Quantitative Research & Model Review within MSIM’s Global Risk and Analysis group. In his role as the Model Control Officer he was responsible for Model Risk Management for pricing, risk and portfolio construction models used within MSIM. Prior to this, he was Head of Equity Risk and was responsible for providing risk analytics to monitor and manage clients’ investment portfolios and performing custom risk and performance analyses across MSIM’s equity investment products. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Surajit was Chief Risk Engineer at Bear Measurisk, LLC, a 100% subsidiary of Bear Stearns Asset Management. Previously, he was a research consultant at MSCI-Barra and a research analyst at Investment Technology Group, Inc. (ITG). He is interested in quantitative research and publishes in academic journals. 

Surajit holds a BS in Statistics from the University of Bombay, an MA in Economics from SUNY Buffalo and has a Ph.D. in Economics with specialization in Econometrics from the University of Iowa.
Surajit is a member of the Managed Solutions Group

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