janvier 14, 2019
About the Investment Management Sustainability Council

About the Investment Management Sustainability Council

About the Investment Management Sustainability Council

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janvier 14, 2019


As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable investing, The Investment Management Sustainability Council (the "Council"), established in 2017 in partnership with the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing , drives Investment Management's global effort by promoting an overall framework for integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and ESG standards into Investment Management's investment processes, product development, measurement, education, client engagement and reporting.

Co-chaired by Ted Eliopoulos, Vice Chairman of Investment Management and Head of Strategic Partnerships, and Rui De Figueiredo, Co-head and CIO of the Solutions & Multi-Asset Group within Investment Management, the Council consists of a global, cross-functional team of leaders committed to delivering value across multiple dimensions by promoting a disciplined approach to integrating ESG factors into the investment process.

The Council also relies on an Advisory Committee, comprised of senior investors and subject matter experts within the Firm, for relevant insights and perspectives.

With increasing interest from clients and LPs, with the assistance of the Council, the aim is to continue to help clients with solutions that meet their financial and social goals.


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