Cedola Obbligazioni Globali 2020
Share Class :
ISIN: LU1409374441
Cedola Obbligazioni Globali 2020
ISIN: LU1409374441
Share Class :

Cedola Obbligazioni Globali 2020

ISIN: LU1409374441
Investment Objective

Seeks to own the most attractive sectors, driven by active asset allocation and optimal diversification, and seeks to own high quality fixed income issuance in pursuit of its investment goals.

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Past performance is not indicative of future results. Please click here for additional performance disclosures and important information, which should be reviewed carefully.

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As of 16-Nov-2017

Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Portfolio Managers
Managing Director
25 years industry experience
Managing Director
30 years industry experience
Managing Director
25 years industry experience
Insights by Global Fixed Income Team
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Outlook/Review: Global Fixed Income Opportunities
Oct 18, 2017
Jim Caron reviews the third quarter of 2017 and offers his insights into how the active management style of the Global Fixed Income Opportunities fund can take advantage of market trends.
Macro Insight
Jim Caron on Bloomberg Radio
May 11, 2017
Jim Caron discusses his views on the current low volatility environment.
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