Global Green Bond Strategy

Global Green Bond Strategy

Global Green Bond Strategy

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The Global Green Bond Strategy seeks to maximize total return through investment in global fixed income securities that meet Calvert's ESG and Impact criteria and qualify as sustainable investments under the SFDR with the objective of supporting positive environmental and social impacts and outcomes. 

Investment Approach

Calvert seeks consistent outperformance  through a combination of ESG and fundamental credit research with a disciplined focus on risk. We believe this combination creates a more complete assessment of an issuer’s long-term value and informs the capital structure and maturity decisions for individual bonds.  


Calvert is a pioneer in Responsible Investing with 40 years of leadership and innovation in the industry. We fully integrate ESG into the investment process with impact considerations. The Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment guide the investment decision‑making and engagement efforts.

Calvert employs a proprietary assessment framework for Green Bonds (which has regard to, where appropriate, recognised green bond guidelines such as the Green Bonds Principles of the International Capital Market Association), through which the robustness, expected impact and transparency of all such instruments in the strategy are evaluated. 

A multi-sector investment approach combines top-down with bottom-up analysis  and increases the opportunity set with help from a highly experienced and specialized team. 

Portfolio Managers  
Leon Grenyer
Leon Grenyer
Head of European Multi-Sector
28 years industry experience
Brian Ellis
Brian S. Ellis, CFA
Managing Director
18 years industry experience
Vishal Khanduja
Vishal Khanduja
Co-Head, Broad Markets Fixed Income
19 years industry experience
Dipen Patel
Dipen Patel
Executive Director
15 years industry experience

Team members may be subject to change at any time without notice.









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