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Global Opportunity seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing globally in high quality, established and emerging companies that the investment team believes are undervalued at the time of purchase. To achieve its objective, the investment team typically favors companies it believes have sustainable competitive advantages that can be monetized through growth. The investment process integrates analysis of sustainability with respect to disruptive change, financial strength, environmental and social externalities and governance (also referred to as ESG).

Investment Approach

Our investment philosophy is simple: We believe that by applying a price discipline to investments in high quality companies - strictly defined as those with competitive advantages and long-term growth that creates value - we can best capture opportunities and manage risk for clients. 

The investment team believes that strong stock selection is derived from long-term investments purchased at a large discount to intrinsic value. We believe these long-term investments are best protected when they are sustainable with respect to disruption, financial strength and ESG externalities, and best enhanced when the underlying company has strong competitive advantages and growth that creates value.


The investment team’s culture is shaped by three core values that are cultivated and reinforced in many ways: curiosity, perspective and partnership.

Reading Day

Members of Global Opportunity participate in activities that emphasize the aforementioned core values that define the team's culture. For example, each person on the team spends at least one day per month focused on reading, outside of the office or typical work environment. The purpose of maintaining a regular reading day is to promote curiosity and help maintain perspective. Whether it's a company annual report, an article on a new disruptive technology in a science magazine or a value investing textbook, the team believes it is critical to be able to pull oneself away from daily market fluctuations and focus on continued learning in a constantly evolving world.

Distinguishing Characteristics

– We incentivize our team in long-term alignment with clients

– We value curiosity, perspective and partnership

– We promote a creative work environment that adapts as the world evolves

Investment Process

We follow a five-step investment process incorporating idea generation, quality assessment, valuation, risk management and portfolio construction:

Idea generation

comes from screening, contact networks, pattern recognition, disruptive change research and our extensive reading. Ideas are generated from an ongoing set of activities conducted individually and collaboratively.

Quality Assessment

When we formulate our investment thesis on the quality of a company, we ask three key questions to determine the sustainability of competitive advantage and how it can be monetized through growth: 

Is the company a disruptor or is it insulated from disruptive change? 

Does the company demonstrate financial strength with high returns on invested capital, high margins, strong cash conversion, low capital intensity and low leverage? 

Are there environmental or social externalities not borne by the company, or governance and accounting risks that may alter the investment thesis?

Competitive advantages we favor include pricing power, differentiated competitive strategies, habitual services, consumable products, recurring revenue and limited threat from substitutes, rivals, suppliers, customers and regulators. 

Growth characteristics we seek include scalable business models that create value for happy customers, organic over acquisitive, secular over cyclical with a good mix between unit and pricing growth.


focuses on the ratio of price to value derived from the key value drivers pricing, units, margin and multiple that determine the present value of free cash flow generation over a five-year time horizon.

Risk Management

We define risk in absolute terms: risk is losing money. We believe that idiosyncratic risk can be reduced by addressing what matters at the company level. We mitigate valuation risk by not paying a price that exceeds our estimate of value. We mitigate sustainability risk by analyzing the threat of disruption, financial strength and ESG externalities. We mitigate fundamentals risk of deteriorating competitive advantage and growth opportunities. Portfolio risks are mitigated by reducing correlated factor exposures with the support of monthly reports from portfolio attribution and risk teams.

Portfolio Construction

We seek to buy when the quality is high and the price is below value. We weight the portfolio based on low price to value, high certainty of value drivers and low correlation between ideas.

Kristian Heugh
Kristian Heugh
Managing Director, Head of Global Opportunity
23 years industry experience








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