Calvert Sustainable Select Strategy

Calvert Sustainable Select Strategy

Calvert Sustainable Select Strategy

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The Calvert Sustainable Select Strategy is guided by Calvert's Principles of Responsible Investing. Calvert seeks to identify and invest in companies that it believes are ESG leaders or improvers, dedicated to capturing a more sustainable economic system.

Investment Approach

Calvert believes in the power of using data to overcome behavioural tendencies and drive positive change. In our view, analysing the factors that drive global change can reveal market dislocations and investment opportunities. By marrying these insights with company-level analysis of financial and material non-financial factors, Calvert seeks to deliver superior investment strategies while supporting positive change for our planet and society.



Calvert is a pioneer in Responsible Investing with 40 years of leadership and innovation in the industry. We are driven by a dual mandate to provide competitive investment performance and opportunities for positive global change for our clients.

Calvert uses a principles-driven investment approach that bridges global norms of Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities with the needs of return-seeking investors.

With a focus on catalyzing positive change, Calvert marries differentiated research into financially material ESG factors with an active engagement approach that seeks to influence companies and markets toward greater sustainability and effective governance.

Portfolio Managers  
Chris Madden
Christopher Madden
Managing Director, Co-Head of Applied Solutions
25 years industry experience
Ibrahim Kara
Ibrahim Kara
Executive Director, Portfolio Manager
20 years industry experience
Yijia Chen
Yijia Chen
Vice President, Portfolio Manager
10 years industry experience