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2021 Outlooks  •  10-Jan-2021

The Haze of Uncertainty Is Lifting 

Global Balanced Risk Control Team
Economic uncertainty wrought by COVID-19 and U.S. politics is dissipating. Our Global Balanced Risk Control Team discusses several likely growth catalysts in 2021 and what they mean for our positioning.

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PATH  •  18-Nov-2020  •  2:39 Min

After the US Election: Where are the Opportunities? [Audio] 

Andrew Harmstone, Manfred Hui, Christian Goldsmith
Christian Goldsmith shares the GBaR team’s latest market views.

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PATH  •  10-Nov-2020

US Presidential Election: The State of Play 

Andrew Harmstone, Manfred Hui, Christian Goldsmith
The GBaR team provides an update on its latest market views and asset allocation positioning.

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The Global Balanced Risk Control (GBaR) team is part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management's (MSIM) broader Global Multi-Asset capability. The team uses a top-down global asset allocation approach within a clearly-defined, risk-controlled framework, targeting an agreed level of risk. The GBaR strategy is highly flexible in its asset allocation, enabling portfolio managers to dynamically adjust positioning across equities, fixed income and cash, to maintain a stable risk profile. The team seeks not only to enhance participation in rising markets, but also provide protection from volatile down markets. They also allocate tactically within asset classes, for example between equity regions and fixed income sub-asset classes with the aim of adding value. The GBaR team manages a variety of portfolios to a range of risk targets, which may be further customised to meet client requirements including capital growth, income and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.