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EDGE  •  26-Dec-2021


Counterpoint Global
After decades of development in garages and hobby shops, small drones are finally ready to make an impact in the enterprise. We discuss the evolution of enterprise drones and how the technology could disrupt small package delivery and aerial data collection. We also discuss the regulatory and societal challenges facing the enterprise drone industry today and highlight recent progress towards overcoming those challenges.

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EDGE  •  19-Oct-2020

Quantum Computing 

Counterpoint Global
Quantum computers store and process information using the quantum mechanical properties of matter. Counterpoint Global investigates the impact this new hardware could have on processing speeds and its potential to tackle previously unsolvable computing problems.

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EDGE  •  13-Aug-2020

CAR-T Therapy 

Stan Delaney
CAR-T cell therapy has been a huge breakthrough in curing blood cancers. MSIM’s Counterpoint Global explores how recent advances in the technology could improve its safety and lower its cost while expanding CAR-T cell therapy’s addressable market.

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EDGE  •  31-Aug-2017

EDGE: Autonomous Vehicles 

Counterpoint Global
Counterpoint Global researches autonomous vehicles, which use a suite of sensors, actuators and a central computer to "perceive" the environment and automate the driving process. This technology could change our perception of personal transportation.

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EDGE  •  30-Apr-2017

Machine Learning 

Counterpoint Global
Counterpoint Global examines machine learning, a new way to train computer systems to generate insights from data and apply those insights to new situations.

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EDGE  •  31-Jan-2017

Case Study: CRISPR 

Counterpoint Global
Counterpoint Global analyzes clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR), a tool for genetic research that could birth new industries and disrupt existing medical treatments.

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Counterpoint Global consists of 54 people, including 30 investors, four disruptive change researchers, two consilient researchers and two sustainability researchers. Counterpoint Global’s culture fosters collaboration, creativity, continued development, and differentiated thinking.

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