Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners is a leading global infrastructure investment platform.

Founded in 2006, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners (“MSIP”) is a global leader in private infrastructure equity investing, targeting assets that provide essential public goods and services primarily located in OECD countries, with the potential for value creation through active asset management. With a diverse team across 6 offices in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, MSIP leverages a comprehensive network of relationships to source investments in sectors such as transportation, digital, energy transition, and utilities. MSIP’s investors include some of the largest and most sophisticated pension, sovereign wealth and insurance companies across the globe.

As an infrastructure investor, we seek assets with long useful lives that perform essential services to society while generating stable, predictable cash flows that are linked to inflation.  Our focus sectors include Power Generation and Utilities, Natural Gas, Transportation, and Digital Infrastructure.  We take an opportunistic approach across various other sectors.

We have a strong track record of differentiated deal sourcing through our network of relationships and Morgan Stanley’s global franchise and we have exclusively negotiated a large majority of our investments.

We take a “hands on” approach to creating value. We prefer strong governance positions, typically through controlling or co-controlling stakes, so that we have the ability to execute planned operational improvements and, over the medium to long term, build and exit a self-sufficient asset.

Our Philosophy and Approach

An Introduction to Morgan Stanley's Private Infrastructure Platform

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ESG Approach

MSIP is committed to sustainability through our ESG approach which calls for active management of ESG issues throughout the investment lifecycle for each asset.

MSIP ESG Integration into Investment Lifecycle
Due Diligence
  • Conduct initial ESG risk assessment, identifying focus areas for further detailed analysis
  • Review internal and external ESG diligence reports, liaise with internal and external ESG specialists, interview key personal and conduct site visits
  • Evaluate and address risks through short-term or long-term mitigation plan
  • Document observations and make recommendations, including ESG roadmap, to our Investment Committee
Acquisition and 100-Day Plan:
Post-Close Strategy & Implementation
  • Implement short-term mitigation plan to address issues raised during ESG due diligence
  • Ensure effective integration of ESG Policies and Procedures with portfolio company management
  • Assist management by utilizing MSIP best practices and system controls
Monitoring and Improvement
  • Work with portfolio companies to define and implement strategic goals
  • Link management short-term incentive plan to ESG improvements
  • Ensure ESG processes and procedures are effectively managed
  • Measure and monitor ESG performance monthly or quarterly depending on materiality
  • Conduct formal board reviews of ESG reporting vs. key metrics and KPIs
  • Internal and external ESG audits and reviews
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The Infrastructure Strategy is a leading global infrastructure investment platform.  
The Infrastructure Strategy is a leading global infrastructure investment platform.  




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