The  Multi-Sector Fixed Income team unites the expertise of single-sector research and trading teams across the Morgan Stanley Investment Management fixed income platform to identify what they believe are the best opportunities in fixed income. The team develops both benchmark aware and more flexible strategies by relying on the experience and expertise of its global professionals to establish top-down views and themes combined with bottom-up input for security selection. ESG is also a key consideration in the team’s investment process, since they believe there is a correlation between ESG best practice and bond performance. 

Invests in a mix of U.S. denominated investment-grade securities, particularly U.S. government, corporate and securitized assets.  
Invests in U.S. denominated investment-grade securities (government, corporate, and securitized) and may invest opportunistically in non-investment-grade and non-U.S. bonds and currencies.  
Invests in a diversified portfolio of government, corporate and non-government debt denominated in euros.  
Invests in a diversified portfolio of government, corporate and non-government debt denominated in euro and non-euro currencies.  
Invests in a diversified portfolio of high-quality, euro-denominated, short-dated, investment-grade credits to manage duration exposure.  
Invests in a globally diversified portfolio of multi-currency debt issued by government and non-government issuers.  
Invests in a diversified global portfolio across the full spectrum of fixed income with the goal of a high level of current income.  
Seeks a high level of income through value-oriented investing in U.S. government securities.  
Invests using an unconstrained approach across the fixed income spectrum with the goal of constructing a portfolio less sensitive to interest rates movements and able to capture positive returns across environments.  
Invests in U.S. government, corporate bonds, asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities with maturities less than five years.  
Invests in U.S. government and investment-grade corporate debt securities with at least 10 years to maturity.  
Invests primarily in US government securities and investment-grade corporate bonds with maturities less than three years.  

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