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We offer our investors access to high-quality income with long-term capital growth and relative downside protection.

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Income, the right way

The Global Brands Equity Income Fund provides our investors with the opportunity to invest in our Global Brands investment process with the added benefit of enhanced income. We are currently targeting a 4% annual dividend yield, paid quarterly.


A focus on quality

The search for income has led many traditional equity income funds to focus on high-yielding sectors like Utilities, Telecoms, Energy and Financials. In such funds, long-term capital growth is neglected at the expense of higher dividends.

In contrast, our Global Brands Equity Income (GBEI) Fund uses our time-tested Global Brands investment process to ensure that we only invest in high-quality companies with sustainably high returns and strong free cash flows that easily fund their dividends.
Our Advantage
We believe that the Global Brands Equity Income Fund offers the opportunity for reliable income without sacrificing capital growth.

stock selection

In the 16-year history of the Global Brands Fund, the Fund's dividends have grown faster than the market and shown resilience during the market downturns. GBEI builds on the history and experience of Global Brands but includes a capital growth component, which can provide a steady and reliable source of income.

Historically Superior Dividend Growth

MS INVF Global Brands Trailing Dividends per 100k initial fund investment rebased to 100

Source: Factset. Data updated annually, as of 31 March 2017. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.The inception date of the MS INVF Global Brands Fund is 30 October 2000.

Current target yield: 4% p.a.

To achieve our income target, we combine dividends generated by the underlying Global Brands portfolio of high-quality stocks with premiums from selling index call options on six liquid global indices.

Optimized Yield Enhancement

The premiums received from the sale of index call options enhances the yield. This dynamic yet conservative options strategy is designed to help meet the yield target with confidence.

* 2% post withholding tax.

Our Global Brands Fund has over 15 years' track record of high-quality investing. As a team, we aim to offer our investors attractive long-term returns, capital preservation and a degree of downside protection.

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