Macro Insight

Liquidity Darwinism 


Darwin’s Theory of Evolution suggests to thrive one must adapt and evolve. Read why the ability for treasury professionals to adapt and evolve is increasingly important.


Market Insights

Bowing to Global Economic Pressures, Central Banks Promote Accommodative Policy 


In March, the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank announced accommodative monetary policy decisions focused on supporting a slowing global economy.


Market Insights

Looking Ahead, The Fed Endorses Patient Policy 


Powell emphasized labor force participation gains and the wage growth of unskilled workers as signs of a growing economy.


Frequently Asked Questions

European Money Market Fund Reform: MSLF Euro Liquidity Fund 


The Global Liquidity team answers frequently asked questions pertaining to the MSLF Euro Liquidity Fund and European Money Market Fund Reform.


Market Insights

FOMC Keeps Rates Unchanged, While Brexit Concerns Result In The BOE To Do The Same 


In a move that disappointed investors, the FOMC gave no forward guidance on the future of the economy where monetary policy is concerned.


Sustainability Council

About the Investment Management Sustainable Investing Council 


The IM Sustainable Investing Council drives IM’s global effort by promoting an overall framework for integrating ESG and ESG standards into IM’s investment processes, product development, measurement, education, client engagement and reporting.


Market Insights

FOMC Increases Rates by 0.25%, while ECB and BoE Keep Rates on Hold 


In a move widely expected by the markets, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) increased the federal (fed) funds rate by 0.25% at its December meeting.


Market Outlook

2019 – To Neutral and Beyond? 


As we look ahead to the new year, the key question for liquidity investors is what is the Federal Reserve’s neutral rate. This inferred rate will likely determine the path of interest rates in 2019 and beyond, as the Fed shifts their policy towards managing around neutral.


Market Insights

Market Volatility Continues Leading up to Rate Hike 


The month of November was another turbulent month in the markets, with continued volatility and uncertainty around future Fed rate hikes and global growth as 2019 approaches.



Updated Articles of Incorporation 


The Articles of Incorporation of the Morgan Stanley Liquidity Funds have been updated as a result of the new European Union money market fund regulation.


Market Insights

Fed Remains on Track for December Rate Hike Despite Increased Volatility 


In October, the markets experienced heightened volatility amid continued geopolitical uncertainty, particularly leading into the U.S. midterm elections.



European Money Market Fund Reform: Updated Transition Plan Announcement 


Morgan Stanley is pleased to announce its money market fund product range in response to the new European Union money market fund regulations.



European Money Market Fund Reform Podcast 


In this podcast, Kim Hochfeld, Douglas McPhail, and Scott Wachs explain some of the regulatory hurdles of EU MMFR, do a deep dive into the new fund structures and discuss what investors can do to prepare for the change.


Market Insights

FOMC Increases Interest Rates by 0.25% 


In September, the FOMC unanimously voted to increase interest rates by 25 basis points to a target range of 2.00% to 2.25%


Market Insights

The Fed Remains on Track to Raise Rates in September 


In August, the Fed indicated it was ready to raise interest rates at its September meeting. The BoE raised interest rates by 25 basis points, and the ECB remained on track to end its bond purchase program by the end of this year.


Market Insights

Rates Remain Steady Amid Trade Concerns 


In July, the ECB and the FOMC kept interest rates steady amid increased global concerns around tariffs and trade wars.


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