Morgan Stanley has a unique and extremely valuable culture. It’s about collaboration, it’s about quality and it’s about doing things the right way.

After more than a decade at the firm, I’m more aware of how valuable our culture is. It is our biggest strength and what differentiates us the most.



Jacques Chappuis ist globaler Leiter Vertrieb und Marketing, Co-Leiter der Solutions and Multi-Asset Group und Mitglied des Management Committee von Morgan Stanley Investment Management. Er ist seit 24 Jahren in der Branche tätig. Vor seiner Rückkehr zu Morgan Stanley 2016 war Chappuis Head of Investment Solutions von The Carlyle Group. Zuvor hatte er von 2006 bis 2013 Führungsrollen in den Geschäftsbereichen Investment Management und Wealth Management von Morgan Stanley inne. Zuletzt war er im Unternehmen Leiter von Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners. Vor seiner Tätigkeit für das Unternehmen war er Head of Alternative Investments der Global Wealth Management Group von Citigroup und Managing Director von Citigroup Alternative Investments. Davor war er Berater der Boston Consulting Group mit Schwerpunkt auf dem Finanzdienstleistungssektor sowie Investmentbanker bei Bankers Trust Company. Er hat einen B.A. in Finanzwissenschaften der Tulane University und einen M.B.A. mit Auszeichnung der Columbia Business School.

Q&A with Jacques

Describe your role at the firm.

I work in the firm’s asset management business, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, or MSIM. I oversee seven portfolio-management teams that invest capital on behalf of institutions and high-net-worth individuals. Additionally, I lead the distribution team for MSIM, which is responsible for our sales and marketing efforts. In both roles, I encounter a wide range of issues that impact our business each day, so one of my most important roles is prioritization and delegation—knowing what to focus on and what not to.

What’s changed since you’ve returned to the company?

MSIM has always had very strong investment capabilities but historically we were not as strong at making sure the world knew about it. Over the last few years, we have enhanced our client outreach and focus on communicating the strength of our platform. We’re also bringing together the resources of the whole firm to advance the business. We have a very differentiated offering and we’re doing a better job of sharing that story with clients.

How do you define that success?

For the past year, we've had market-leading organic growth rates1. The strong performance of our products is the starting point but having good performance alone won’t drive growth. To succeed on the capital raising front, we’ve had to focus holistically on how we serve clients – having strategies that address their needs, delivering returns, and identifying the ways we can add value beyond performance. Ultimately, our organic growth is the best scorecard for how we’re doing as a business.

You mentioned that you sit on the board of the Center for the New Economy in Puerto Rico. Are there any other ways you give back?

Yes, I'm also on the advisory board of Teach for America New York, which finds young leaders committed to expanding educational access and opportunity by serving in under-resourced public schools. I believe everyone should have access to a quality education.  I know how meaningful my education was to me and the power it has to transform lives.  There are many challenges in our educational system, and TFA is helping find solutions.

What makes someone a good candidate to join your team?

In addition to having the right experience and skill set, I like to see a certain level of intensity and focus in candidates.  I believe that it's a privilege to work at Morgan Stanley and we all have a responsibility to deliver to our clients. One of the most important decisions our clients make is asking us to manage their capital for the long term. People who understand the responsibility that comes with that, who take their job seriously and bring an intense focus to it are the people who will be a good fit here.

Why do you think clients trust Morgan Stanley to do that for them?

I think people who interact with Morgan Stanley, either as clients, peers or other stakeholders, recognize the commitment to integrity at the firm. And I think that's incredibly valuable.


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