Morgan Stanley
  • Institute for Sustainable Investing
  • Nov 17, 2016

The Demanding World of Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investments have more than doubled since 2012. Have asset managers risen to meet demand?

Morgan Stanley’s Institute for Sustainable Investing and Bloomberg L.P. surveyed 402 asset management professionals to find out how well they have adapted to the onslaught of demand for impact investing. Here are some of the highlights of their new report, “Sustainable Signals: The Asset Manager Perspective.”

Are familiar with
sustainable investing

Practice sustainable

Believe its adoption will
continue to grow

Fueling their interest is a 135% rise in U.S. assets under management using sustainable investing criteria since 2012*

Source: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment: "2016 Report on U.S. Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact Investing Trends."**

New Asset Managers Are Piling In


of respondents who don't offer sustainable investing plan to launch products within 12 months.

But There Are Still Challenges to Overcome

To Cement Sustainable Investing in the Mainstream, Asset Managers Need To:


A well-defined


The strategy against indexes


The data behind investment decisions

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