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  • Jul 1, 2015

Hariyali: Improving Our Environment

Learn about one of Morgan Stanley’s nonprofit partners in India, Hariyali.

Environmental preservation and restoration are crucial to ensuring healthy, thriving communities and partnering with organizations that promote and support this vision is an important part of Morgan Stanley’s mission to give back. One organization dedicated to environmental improvement and conservation is Hariyali. This India-based organization has been working to improve the environment through afforestation, water conservation and ecological development over the past 18 years, and Morgan Stanley has proudly partnered with Hariyali in its mission for the past eight years.

“Morgan Stanley volunteers have played a significant role in our environmental efforts, including seed collection, seed sowing, planting and sapling preparation activities,” said Suresh Patankar, Hariyali. “Many Morgan Stanley employees provide consistent support year after year, and their dedication provides our organization with tremendous value, not only in their physical volunteer efforts, but also in terms of building more awareness for the ongoing environmental needs in our communities.”

Hariyali had an initial focus to carry out its mission of environmental improvement in Thane district of Maharashtra state, but is currently working to expand their activity to other states in India. Hariyali has decided to spread their activities by way of working in other fields, which include environmental impact assessment, study of medicinal plants and achieving Zero Waste concept, which is an important element of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, recently launched by government of India.

A major factor in Hariyali’s ability to expand is the support of its volunteer base. “Morgan Stanley has been partnering with Hariyali in this endeavour to expand and this has helped bring other corporate organizations on-board to support our mission too,” said Mr. Patankar. “Corporate volunteerism helps drive our philosophy that philanthropic communities in society help combine social and cultural aspects that foster a healthy community experience.”

Find out more about Morgan Stanley’s Global Volunteer Month by following #MSGivesBack and read about how employees and partners are making a difference in their local communities, all over the world.

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