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Morgan Stanley's Unique Value Proposition Gives Firm Momentum to Attract Top Talent

Career development, mobility, collegial culture, and core values anchor our frontline focus on recruiting future leaders.

Recruiting has never been more of a frontline focus for Morgan Stanley than today as the firm looks to nurture future leaders and attract the best talent in the industry. The range and depth of career opportunities at the firm, as well as the unique value proposition Morgan Stanley brings to the table, have given the firm industry-leading momentum in recruiting top candidates.

This past summer, an impressive class of more than 1,000 Summer Analysts and Associates from more than 275 campuses worldwide joined the firm to take part in its marquis internship programs and learn about the wealth of opportunities for growth and development that will support their ultimate career goals.

At Morgan Stanley, the Analyst and Associate programs provide participants with an opportunity to be highly valued within their respective business teams, bring unique experiences and perspectives to the table and fully experience the inclusive, collegial culture that is central to the firm. These programs help us share our strategy and core values with the next generation, so that they can gain an understanding of Morgan Stanley and what we stand for.

Personal connection and collegiality are values that have always been central to the culture at Morgan Stanley—from new hires to employees with lengthy tenure. While a company can create a strong brand and offer a solid message, it’s the people in an organization that bring those points to life, and are its best embodiment of that culture in action. This is why our senior leadership and employees across the organization personally participate in our recruiting efforts.

Speaking at his alma mater, Oxford University, Colm Kelleher, CEO of Morgan Stanley International and President of Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Securities Division told students, “Morgan Stanley has the highest standards of integrity. We want people to come to us because they want a fulfilling career and want to be working in an environment that is continually invigorating and exciting.”

Students graduating from today’s universities are hungry for much more than just jobs. These young graduates want careers that intertwine their curiosity and drive with an eagerness to make a difference—strengths that Morgan Stanley seeks to attract and support, as the firm continues to provide an environment where students can thrive and build a career that aligns with their personal development and evolving passions.

As Morgan Stanley Chairman and CEO James Gorman noted while speaking to students at Columbia Business School who were preparing to embark on a summer associate program, “It matters who you are, not what you say you are. Take the time to know what it is you want to do."

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