Morgan Stanley

The NBA star tells Silicon Valley leaders how he wants to disrupt the way pro athletes invest once they leave the game.

Andre Iguodala is known on court as a thinker; someone who strategizes for the team’s benefit, even if it means not being in the limelight. Now he wants all professional athletes to think about their post-career prospects and to consider investing in technology companies directly.

At Morgan Stanley's NextGen Software CEO Summit, Iguodala told leading tech CEOs and investors that he and his business partner, Rudy Cline-Thomas, want to “change the way athletes do business,” so that their involvement with startups “is not just to hold up a soda can and smile” but to invest directly to “bring that company to the next level.”

Morgan Stanley’s Technology Investment Banking team holds the Summit in Deer Valley, Utah, every year to provide a setting for software company CEOs and investors to exchange ideas and network.