Morgan Stanley
  • Ideas Podcast
  • Jun 14, 2018

What Do Banks, VR and the Mars Rover Have in Common?

Hosted by Ashley Milne-Tyte
What Do Banks, VR, and the Mars Rover Have in Common?

Virtual reality is popping up in almost every industry, doing the once unimaginable. How did it grow from the stuff of Sci-Fi into a real world revolution?

In this episode of the Ideas podcast, we explore the virtual future by looking at one of the earliest VR worlds. Bryan Carter, a professor at the University of Arizona, guides us on a tour of Virtual Harlem, an early VR world that allowed his students to walk the streets of the Harlem Renaissance. Then, Alexis Macklin, an analyst for Greenlight Insights, takes us to the future—one filled with virtual coffee dates, schools, and vacations. Along the way, we explore the coding language at the root of the VR explosion: C++. Morgan Stanley Managing Director Bjarne Stroustrup, who created the C++ programming language more than 30 years ago, tells us what it took to build a near-universal coding language that took on a life of its own, and has become the source code for everything from web browsers and video games to financial modelling and space exploration.

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