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  • Mar 20, 2015

7 Reasons Women Should Pursue a Career in Finance

Morgan Stanley female leaders share experiences, learnings and perspectives on working in finance.

In honor of International Women’s Day and this year’s theme, #MakeItHappen, we asked some of our female leaders to share their thoughts on why women should pursue a career in finance. Here, they discuss their personal experiences on achieving success as a woman in the financial services industry.

1. Become a Global Leader

A career in finance presents one of the best opportunities to work in international markets. Moving from culture to culture, you develop the flexibility to work with a broad range of clients and colleagues, across geographies and industries. Working internationally also provides great leadership training, particularly for managing diverse teams.

2. Grow the Economy

The capital markets have been fundamental to the economic development of China and to rising per capita GDP across Asia.  A career in finance can provide the opportunity to participate in the economic growth of your economy – an impactful way to make a difference and give back.
Wei Christianson CEO Morgan Stanley China, Co-CEO Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific View Profile

3. Use Sustainability to Answer Global Challenges

The global social and environmental challenges we face are vast, and the scale and speed of private capital must be a critical part of the solution. A career helping expand the field of sustainable finance is an incredibly rewarding way to focus on maximizing capital to build a more sustainable future.
Audrey Choi Chief Sustainability Officer of Morgan Stanley View Profile

4. Challenge Yourself, Everyday

A career in finance presents a great opportunity to work in a team environment where everyone is expected to produce innovative ideas and given an opportunity to work on challenging assignments. It also offers a chance to work with a diversity of products and markets ranging from wealth management to mergers and acquisitions.
Carla Harris Vice Chairman, Global Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor View Profile

5. Break Barriers and Stand Out

A career in finance provides women a voice at a table where creative thinking and differentiated views are valued and rewarded.  Not only are the challenges complex, but the fast paced nature of the markets served provide a near immediate feedback loop to continuously test your views and deepen your knowledge.
Katy Huberty Head of North American Technology Hardware Equity Research View Profile

6. Make a Difference

A career in wealth management can be extraordinarily fulfilling. You have the opportunity to leverage a vast range of products and resources to deliver solutions that meet the unique financial needs and goals of individuals and families – and increasingly are in alignment with their personal and social priorities. What you do for clients can make a critical difference in their lifestyles and their legacy.
Shelley O’Connor Managing Director, Head of Field Management, Wealth Management

7. Problem Solve in Real-Time

Finance is driven by technology. A career that combines these two constantly evolving industries can provide you with remarkably rewarding opportunities to develop and innovate, delivering solutions that make a true difference in the way business and capital move forward.”
Moira Kilcoyne Managing Director, Co-Head of Global Technology & Data

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