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  • Sales and Trading
  • Jun 3, 2016

Capital Creates a Dynamic Skyline

Over the past three years, Morgan Stanley’s Commercial Real Estate Lending Group has helped clients raise $12 billion to reimagine, redevelop and reinvigorate Manhattan’s ever-changing urban landscape.

Ever since Dutch colonists purchased Manhattan for $24, New Yorkers have been obsessed with real estate. Nearly 400 years later, the island is one of the most valuable strips of land in the world, featuring high-profile landmarks and the latest architectural marvels.

New York City’s real estate is where millions live, work and play. Its skyscrapers headquarter global businesses. Street-level shops display the latest fashion. And renovated walk-up apartments house generations of New Yorkers.

In a city where businesses quickly evolve and preferences constantly change, Morgan Stanley provides the capital necessary to transform commercial real estate. For decades, borrowers, investors and developers have relied on Morgan Stanley’s Commercial Real Estate Lending Group to help them raise the capital that they need to reshape Manhattan’s streetscapes and skyline.

“Our clients generate ideas, and our goal is to lend the capital necessary to implement their visions," says James Flaum, Managing Director and the group’s global head. "Our lending platform has always targeted major markets, and New York City remains the largest commercial real estate market in the world. Nothing illustrates our commitment to our clients and to the NYC market better than our group's lending activity here in New York City.”

Over the past three years, the firm has provided clients with $12 billion in financing secured by New York City properties across a spectrum of asset classes, including the office, retail, multifamily and hospitality sectors. Clients used this financing to facilitate acquisitions, refinance existing debt and upgrade and reposition their properties.

Here's a look at some of the signature deals we’ve done:

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