Morgan Stanley Pathway Solutions
Diverse goals, one investing solution

Morgan Stanley Pathway Solutions are style-driven, mutual fund portfolios that put your financial goals at the center of the investment process.


Morgan Stanley's Best Thinking

Using the recommendations of Morgan Stanley's top strategists and analysts, we combine multiple funds into one portfolio that can help you meet your financial goals.

Rigorous Manager Selection

All funds in Pathway Solutions meet our high standards. Our patented process seeks to identify managers that can enhance your portfolio's risk-reward profile.

Lower Fees May Enhance Returns

We combine active and passive strategies to optimize return potential and minimize fees. You benefit from our ability to negotiate favorable terms with sub-advisors that we pass on to our clients.

We offer two approaches to planning for your future

Target Date Portfolios

Set a date for when you hope to achieve a financial goal, such as retiring. Our Target Date portfolios become more conservative as that date approaches. This is a 'set it and forget it' option.1

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Goals-Based Portfolios

Decide on an appropriate risk level (from conservative to opportunistic) and asset allocations are adjusted periodically based on the Global Investment Committee's outlook for financial and economic conditions.2

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It starts with a conversation

Your Financial Advisor will review our portfolio styles to find the one most appropriate for your financial goals.

1. Discover

Using our financial planning platform, your advisor analyzes your current financial situation and your goals to deliver a personalized portfolio recommendation.

2. Advise

The goals-based portfolio recommendation is matched to an appropriate Pathway Solution.

3. Implement

Within that solution, Morgan Stanley experts make ongoing asset allocation and manager changes as needed.

4. Track Progress

Your advisor uses the planning platform on an ongoing basis to ensure your investments, financial goals and financial situation remain aligned over time.

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