Lisa Shalett on Bloomberg: What Investors Emboldened by Liquidity May Be Missing

Wealth Management — Jan 27, 2023

Investors seem to be “looking through” bad economic news and hoping for better days, counting on the Federal Reserve for a panacea in the form of interest-rate cuts.

That may be wishful thinking. Recent equity market gains likely have much more to do with elevated market liquidity than a fundamental improvement in the environment. 

On Bloomberg TV, Lisa Shalett explains the rare combination of factors impacting financial conditions today, their implications for the Fed, and more. 

                      Watch the Video (1:33 - 2:32; 3:52 - 5:43; 9:35 -10:37; 11:54 -14:06; 18:52 -20:25)

Lisa Shalett is Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s chief investment officer, a member of the Global Investment Committee and a regular contributor to CNBC, Bloomberg and other financial news outlets, where she helps sift the signal from the noise.

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