Lisa Shalett on Bloomberg: Lean into Active Stock Picking

Wealth Management — Sep 8, 2022

While we’re less optimistic about the stock market, we are not so worried about an imminent recession in the U.S. economy. “That is exactly why,” says Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s Chief Investment Officer Lisa Shalett, “we are approaching our portfolio construction with a very broad active stock-picking approach.” 

Lisa joins Bloomberg Markets to discuss where in the market active investors should be focused, how corporate earnings could continue to face headwinds, why investors should look beyond the U.S. for opportunities and more.

Watch the Video: (3:25-9:10)

Lisa Shalett is Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s chief investment officer, a member of the Global Investment Committee and a regular contributor to CNBC, Bloomberg and other financial news outlets, where she helps sift the signal from the noise.

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