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Manage your wills, deeds, estate plans, financial statements and tax filings.

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You and your Financial Advisor team can now share documents by simply uploading a file.

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Documents can be accessed across all your devices from desktop, to tablet and mobile.

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All uploaded documents are scanned for viruses and encrypted for an extra layer of security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of documents can I share with Digital Vault?

    Documents uploaded to Digital Vault should be relevant to your account relationship with Morgan Stanley. Some examples of documents and records that may be uploaded include:

    Financial Records including: 

    • Personal: Checking, Savings, and Credit Card Statements
    • Assets: Brokerage, Stock Option, Pension Plan, IRA, 401(k), 403B, 457 Plan statements, 529 Plan statements, Annuity Contracts

    Legal Record including: Powers of Attorney, Living Will & Trust, Marriage Certificate

    Personal Information: Birth Certificate, Driver's License. 

  • Are any documents unsuitable for Digital Vault?

    • Images of a personal or inappropriate nature, including: family vacation photos, journal records and account login information
    • Pictures of credit cards
    • Personally identifiable information not relevant to the relationship with Morgan Stanley
    • Orders for purchases or sales of securities or for other financial / banking transactions 

  • What file types can I upload to Digital Vault?

    Compatible file types include: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Portable Document Format (pdf), Text Format (txt), Picture (jpg, png, gif, tif, bmp) and CSV (comma separated values).

    Video and audio files are not compatible with Digital Vault.

  • How will my Financial Advisor know that I have uploaded a file?

    Your Financial Advisor team will be automatically notified when you upload new files. Similarly, you will also receive email notifications when your Financial Advisor team uploads new files.