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Be The Match: A Tribute to Former Financial Advisor Taryn Sievers

In honor of former Financial Advisor Taryn Sievers, Morgan Stanley teamed up with Be the Match to help identify potential bone marrow donors.

The daughter of Morgan Stanley Senior Vice President Taryn Sievers is inspiring others to help people receive the kind of vital bone marrow transplants her mother received before she lost her battle with myelodysplasia in 2015. Myelodysplastic Syndromes are bone marrow disorders in which the bone marrow does not produce enough healthy blood cells.

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is joining in the effort after Taryn’s uncle, Financial Advisor Jeffrey Chow, Associate Vice President in the Cupertino, CA, office, spread the word.

Taryn Sievers, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Taryn Sievers and her daughter Ciara Chow

“Really, I mentioned it to one or two people and the word just spread,” said Jeffrey. “Morgan Stanley is a special place and the people here really, really cared a lot about Taryn.

“There’s a lot of Taryn in Ciara,” he added.

Ciara Chow is a Danville, CA, high school junior, working to keep her mother’s memory alive as well as helping to improve and prolong others’ lives through a bone marrow registry drive held at The Athenian School in Danville on January 22.

“Taryn was an incredibly effective financial advisor and a great role model for how we serve our clients,” said Co-Head of Wealth Management Shelley O’Connor of the 31-year Morgan Stanley veteran. “I think of her often and the way she lived her life is an inspiration to me and all who knew her.”

Among the many honors Taryn received was being recognized as one of Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors, and being nominated by her colleagues for her achievements as a MAKER—women who, through their innovation, leadership and advocacy, are making a lasting difference in the business.

In her 2013 MAKERS profile, Taryn spoke of “the importance of good money management, and having the goal of financial independence, especially for women”, a cause she supported by designing and teaching courses on investing and managing money to women at adult schools and colleges for nearly 15 years. "As we all know, often clients can get overwhelmed with an extreme change of a financial situation,” said Taryn in a 2013 article on Morgan Stanley Today, “and what we can do for them can be life changing."

Now Taryn’s daughter is pursuing her own life-changing cause.

Jeffery, Ciara’s uncle, joined Morgan Stanley to work with Taryn in 2004. “We worked together for 10 years, and I’ve kept so many of her clients who had grown so close to Taryn and her children,” said Jeff. “I learned a lot from Taryn and I know she would be proud of her daughter’s efforts on her behalf. Taryn had talked to me about being a bone marrow donor on ‘Be The Match’ before she had her bone marrow transplant so I am thrilled to see Ciara continuing the effort.”

Patients with blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, sickle cell and other life-threatening diseases depend on registries like Be The Match for life-saving marrow donors and support throughout the transplant process.

Bone marrow transplant is a life-saving treatment for people with blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, sickle cell and other life-threatening diseases. A donor’s healthy blood-forming cells are given directly into a patient’s bloodstream, where they can begin to function and multiply. For a patient’s body to accept these healthy cells, they need a donor who is a close match.

If you missed the January 22 donor registry drive in Danville, you can still help. Simply reach out to “Be The Match” and they'll send you a registration kit to enroll. Find out more at the "Be the Match" website.