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Pioneering a Digital Revolution for Wealth Management

MAKER Naureen Hassan, Morgan Stanley's San Francisco based Chief Digital Officer for Wealth Management and mom of two, urges everyone to use apps to make routine tasks automated.

Mobile has dramatically changed the way people interact with technology and live their lives. People use smartphones for just about everything today.

“My seven-year-old—this is really embarrassing—his first word may have been iPad,” says Naureen Hassan.

Naureen Hassan is the Chief Digital Officer for Wealth Management, leading the firm’s digital revolution. The Princeton and Stanford Business School graduate is a mother of two and works and lives in San Francisco where she can pay closer attention to new Silicon Valley developments. After thirteen years at Schwab, she joined Morgan Stanley to help develop new Wealth Management digital initiatives. She sees her role as bringing together technology and process to improve the field and client experience.

“I believe successful firms in wealth management will combine the power of relationships through a Financial Advisor with leading edge technology,” she states.

“How do we make it easier for our clients and our FAs to do business with each other?”

Through more efficient and responsive firm operations, Naureen believes technology can complement a Financial Advisor’s strengths. It can automate mundane and administrative tasks and enable the Financial Advisor to stay connected with clients anytime, anywhere and deliver an enhanced, personalized experience.

For Naureen, relationships with people are very important. “I get my energy from working with other people, from that team-based interaction you learn and explore new things. Building those connections is important because an idea can come from anywhere.”

As a mother with a career, every day is a juggling act. It’s the little things like digital applications that have really helped save her time and get everything done. 

“I’d say you’re just trying to keep all the balls in the air at any given moment. Every day is just a juggling act of keeping it all together. My mobile phone saves me an incredible amount of time. I do everything over my phone and it's really one of the reasons I'm so passionate about digital,” she explains."

“So, my groceries come off Instacart, we use Alexa (Amazon Echo) to directly order things, and I can video chat with the contractor who is remodeling my house. These technologies help me manage my life and I think 'Why can’t they also improve Wealth Management and everyday client interactions?'”

As for the role of women in financial services, she hopes she can be a role model and show the younger generation that it can be done.

“Women are great at relationships, and being a Financial Advisor is a relationship-driven business, and I think a natural one for women.”

As a MAKERS “Class of 2017,” she says, “It’s an honor and I hope that younger women can see that there is a path to having both a successful career and a great family life.”

“My sister knew she wanted to be a doctor when she was six. I didn't have a grand plan. My father encouraged both my sister and I to have careers, to pursue our passions, and to not feel limited by the fact that we were women and that there was a certain place for us. My sister became a doctor. What I did was work for people who I learned from and who sponsored me. Because I delivered, they provided me with new opportunities and it just all worked out. Wealth Management has a great group of people who can make a difference, have fun doing it, and make an impact. That’s how I chose my career.”