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#Throwback: Troy Mooyoung’s Epic Journey From South Side Chicago to Complex Manager

At the 2015 Multicultural Leadership Summit, Morgan Stanley Complex Manger Troy Mooyoung detailed his career path and the mentors and advocates who helped him along the way.

Morgan Stanley’s highly anticipated 2017 Multicultural Leadership Summit is fast approaching. On March 1st-3rd, 2017, over 300 of Morgan Stanley’s top financial advisors and managers from across the country will congregate in Chicago to learn, innovate, and connect. Attendees will dig deep into targeted content centering on modern wealth, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation.

In the latest “throwback” video, we travel back to the 2015 Summit in Atlanta, where Morgan Stanley Complex Manager Troy Mooyoung describes an epic family journey that makes famed immigrant Alexander Hamilton’s trip from the West Indies to New York look like a short stroll down a garden lane.

Decades ago, Troy’s grandfather migrated from Hong Kong to Jamaica where he promptly fell in love. Years later, Troy’s father then set forth on his own epic journey: from sunny Jamaica to Chicago – in the dead of a cold Chicago winter. For 30-years, Troy’s dad worked hard at American Airlines and Troy and his family saw the world, albeit on a budget, courtesy of “free flights” for employees.

As a young adult Troy, spread his own wings and landed a job as a cold-caller for Bear Stearns. But it was that other company in the same building that drew his attention: Morgan Stanley.

Soon, Troy was “cold calling” on the Morgan Stanley branch manager and the young applicant would not be denied. Eventually, the branch manager brought the persistent Troy over as an intern. The young man looked around him and wondered how he was going to make it. (He self-identified as a “black kid from the South Side.”)

And that’s when he saw some role models already climbing up the ladder at Morgan Stanley. At the same company was a fellow named Mandell Crawley, now Global Chief Marketing Officer of Morgan Stanley.

“Seeing Mandell in that role, working on a fixed income desk in Chicago, gave me the vision of what is possible,” Troy recalled.

Others also inspired him, and over the course of 20 years, Troy helped manage the accounts of families, institutions and corporations. Then, he began helping to manage Financial Advisors as a Branch Manager and today serves as Complex Manager in the Birmingham, Michigan, outside Detroit, overseeing a large region with multiple branches and hundreds of employees.

To hear Troy’s story firsthand, please watch the video above. Stay tuned for more “throwbacks” and details leading up to and following the 2017 summit. And don’t worry, if you can’t make it to Chicago, you’ll have an opportunity to engage in the conversation through local forums.

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