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Giving Back in San Francisco

Kimberly K. Brandon has a passion and drive for giving back—and that mission begins in her hometown of San Francisco.

San Francisco, Calif. – Ask Kimberly K. Brandon what she finds most rewarding in life and she will tell you in two words: “giving back.”

A Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor with The Brandon Group at Morgan Stanley, Kimberly focuses on advising high net worth individuals, foundations and endowments. “I have a passion for giving back, and with so many foundation clients I am happy to have been able to help them with their giving,” she says.

But besides helping her clients, Kimberly has helped hundreds of young men and women, dedicating her afternoons, evenings and weekends to mentoring—and to lending her expertise and support to numerous non-profit boards and business and civic organizations in her home town of San Francisco.

“With so many good causes out there and so much need, sometimes it is hard to choose,” she says. “But I try to focus on education and economic empowerment.”

In recognition of her service, Kimberly was recently featured in the Sun Reporter, a cover story entitled “Women Who Make the World Go Round,” along with 13 other Bay-area women in Corporate America. “I feel blessed and extremely fortunate to have been recognized,” she says.

A long-time industry veteran, Kimberly has been at Morgan Stanley for the past 12 years. Before joining Morgan Stanley, she worked at the Private Bank of Bank of America, and at Wells Fargo Bank before that.

She serves on various boards in the San Francisco Bay area, including one that is responsible for the stewardship of San Francisco’s unique waterfront as well as organizations that address the severe need of academically disadvantaged youth in the Bay Area improve health in San Francisco; and work with low income communities and grassroots organizations to improve quality of life in the Bay area. She is also a member of an organization of women volunteers who are committed to enriching and sustaining the culture and economic survival of African Americans.

Through her community service Kimberly has helped prepare hundreds of Bay area students for college—and for life—with workshops on topics ranging from financial services to etiquette to changing a tire. She continues to do one-on-one mentoring and help students assess “what they need to get to where they want to go,” she says.

She also mentors many career women. “When I attend or speak at events, there are always those who ask to meet with me, and I do so every chance I can,” she says.

“This city has given me so much,” she adds, “and I am so happy to give back to it.”