Morgan Stanley

Find out how Kimberley Hatchett, a one-time Olympics hopeful and a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, is helping propel women to new heights.

The face of wealth is changing—and it’s becoming more female. Women control a growing share of global wealth,1 giving them rising financial power and economic clout.

It’s a trend Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Advisor Kimberley Hatchett sees playing out on a personal level with her clients: women feeling more empowered to take their seat at the table when it comes to money and family finances.

“I have seen, over the years, women finding their power, finding their voice, and being happier,” she says. “It makes us feel we are part of big decisions in life, in family and in our future.”

A one-time Olympic hopeful in the 400-meter hurdles and a Harvard Business School alum, Hatchett today advises pro athletes and other ultra high net worth clients for Morgan Stanley’s Global Sports & Entertainment division. She is one of Forbes’ Top Women Advisors (2019) and Best-in-State Wealth Advisors (2020)2 as well as a proud Morgan Stanley MAKER, a class of trailblazing women of accomplishment nominated by peers.

As Hatchett explains in this video, helping women take charge of their financial lives is both a professional calling and a personal one for her. “I have a passion for empowering women,” she says. “And they should always have advice when it comes to money.”