Rethinking Liquidity: Insights From Private Company Leaders

Aug 30, 2023

Listen as the Morgan Stanley at Work team unpacks insights from the 2023 Liquidity Trends Report. Explore key takeaways shaping the future of liquidity.

Amid fast-evolving market conditions and a shifting macro environment, private companies are changing both the way they think about liquidity and their approach to making it accessible to shareholders. In fact, according to the 2023 Liquidity Trends survey, 81% of private companies report that the current state of the market is influencing how businesses think about liquidity events, while 71% report that they are either staying private longer than originally planned or are unsure of their next steps.


Watch the virtual roundtable discussion to hear from the Morgan Stanley at Work team as they discuss relevant findings, key takeaways and strategic considerations outlined in the 2023 Liquidity Trends Report, including:    

  • How the current macro environment is impacting the way private company leaders approach their liquidity strategy.   
  • How employee expectations for liquidity have changed in recent years, and how some companies are responding.   
  • The growing popularity of alternative paths to liquidity, including direct secondary sales. 
  • Strategies for planning for a liquidity event and becoming transaction ready, and the role liquidity can play in private company talent acquisition strategy.
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