Accounts & Passwords

Account Protection

How is my account protected?

Helping you protect your assets is our top priority. Morgan Stanley executes extensive internal processes, controls, and required internal training to ensure that your data is handled appropriately and kept confidential. See some of the ways we protect your account below:

Ways Morgan Stanley Protects Your Account

  • Secure Login/Password Complexity Indicator: We provide guidelines to help you create complex passwords, and we’ll let you know whether your selected password meets our recommendations. Passwords are stored using non-reversible encryption.
  • End to End Encryptions: All login sessions are encrypted, so your data is protected from being intercepted or read in transit.
  • Automatic Session Time-Out: after a period of inactivity, Morgan Stanley’s systems will log you out of your session automatically to help reduce the possibility of unauthorized access to your personal information.
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention: When someone logs in to your account, we evaluate the login and flag any unusual or potentially high-risk activities in real time to identify indications of attempted fraud. When necessary, we will place accounts on heightened alert with additional fraud monitoring.

Ways You Can Protect Your Account

Two-step verification adds an additional layer of security by sending a One-Time-Passcode (OTP) over SMS or voice call to your phone number on file. If you have not already done so, follow the steps below to activate two-step verification.

Signing in to Morgan Stanley at Work

  1. Enter your username and password on the login page of your Morgan Stanley at Work stock plan account and click “Sign in”.

Two-Step Verification with an Authenticator App (If set up)

  1. After signing in, you will be prompted for a verification code from your linked Authenticator App.
  2. Use your recovery codes if the app is not handy, uninstalled, or you have a new phone.

Two-Step Verification with an Available Phone Number

  1. If you choose not to setup an Authenticator app, you will be prompted to receive a code via SMS or a voice call from Morgan Stanley.
  2. Enter the one-time passcode and click Verify.
  3. Decide if you want to skip two- step verification from the device you are on and treat it as a trusted device for future sign-ins.

Managing your Available Phone Numbers

  • User Profile
  • Personal Profile -> Manage your phone numbers

Security Alerts

If anyone signs in to your account and makes changes to key data such as your username, password, phone numbers, address, etc you will receive a confirmation email alerting you to these changes. Obviously, no action is required if it was you but keep an eye out for any that were not triggered by yourself.