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Morgan Stanley at Work is your primary resource for managing your equity awards. We’re here to help you understand how your awards work and make the most of your stock plan benefits.

How Does It Work?

Morgan Stanley at Work has created a streamlined and comprehensive online experience where you can discover how your equity awards work and their valuable benefits.



Equity Awards 101

Empower yourself to make more confident financial decisions and explore how your equity awards can help you achieve your goals by visiting the Morgan Stanley at Work Learning Center. You may have one or more of the equity award types listed below in your Morgan Stanley at Work stock plan account.

What Is a Restricted Stock Unit?
Many employers reward employees by granting RSUs, giving them a financial interest in company performance. How do RSUs work?
What Is an Incentive Stock Option?
Understand the preferential tax treatment and information when these stock options are exercised.
What Is a Non-Qualified Stock Option?
Learn more about the five characteristics such as federal, state and local taxes you need to be aware of.
What Is an Employee Stock Purchase Plan?
Participating in an ESPP means you can purchase shares of company stock at a discount.
How Is Equity Taxed?
Discover tax-efficient strategies to help make informed decisions when it comes to equity benefits.
Robust Education and Content
In-depth education on equity compensation and more to break down a wide range of complex topics and help you build financial knowledge and confidence.

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Your Equity Awards: A Valuable Benefit

In addition to helping you manage your stock plan account, Morgan Stanley at Work provides you with valuable benefits to help you make the most of your equity awards.

Comprehensive Financial Insights

Educational insights from a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor on your equity compensation, including our proprietary Equity Award Analysis.

Complimentary Benefits

Complimentary perks that give you curated offers and discounts on popular brands in wellness, travel, apparel, gifts and more.

Monthly Webinars

Our Webinar Wednesday series covers a variety of financial topics, including: Investing 101, Building Strong Financial Strategies for the Black Community and Financial Planning for Retirement.