Stock Plan Benefits Can Be a Competitive Advantage

With the ever-evolving labor market of recent years, people and companies have been scrambling to adjust. From the Great-Resignation in 2020 to the Great Re-hire in 2021, 2023 could be the year of the “Great Retention”, as focus shifts to creating and maintaining employee loyalty.

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Morgan Stanley at Work fielded a twenty question Annual Voice of the Participant (VOP) Survey with 86,000 U.S. stock plan participants - a 205% increase in response year-over-year (YoY) – to gather insights and feedback about stock plan experiences, and to explore the value of stock plan benefits in driving employee retention.

What remains clear is that stock plan benefits are a valuable—and valued—workplace offering and that maintaining employee loyalty requires some employer-led actions.  Workplace financial benefits continue to be an important consideration when determining whether to accept – or stay at – a job, along with an expectation that companies will help employees get the most out of these benefits through education and financial know-how.

Some of the key findings:

  • Stock Plan perceived value is higher and so is the need for answers.  Less than half, 46%, know how to reach someone to ask questions about their stock plan.
  • Stock Plan understanding has increased but gaps remain. Only 39% of employees know how taxes might impact their stock plan benefits.
  • Educational content demand is strong and key to empowering employees. 60%+ said they are likely to attend an education session on investing, stock plan benefits, or retirement.

Organizations that successfully leverage equity to engage their workforce may inspire more satisfied and financially empowered employees – and that engagement may help retain talent.

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