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  • Jul 1, 2015

St. James Settlement: Helping Hong Kong's Underprivileged

A massive and diverse effort leaves no stone unturned as millions are served every year to build a harmonious community in Hong Kong.

What do you do when you see people in need?

If you’re St. James’ Settlement, you find a way to improve every single life you can.

It’s an enormous undertaking, but this large and venerable operation has been spreading across Hong Kong like ripples in a pond for more than 65 years. Now with 58 different service points offering a range of services, from emergency food assistance and health services to residential care, the charity boasts more than 1,200 staff members who tirelessly work to chip away at human suffering.

“We’re working hard to meet the diverse needs of our society,” says Heidi Chang, Senior Manager with St. James’ Settlement. “We want to enable individuals to help themselves and to help others, building an integrated and harmonious community.”

St. James’ Settlement’s huge network of staff and volunteers offers a spectrum of services and targets a broad range of people, including youth, families, the elderly and those with disabilities. From caregiver and health services to rehabilitation services, employment and school support —even free appliances and haircuts for the elderly and disabled—St. James’ Settlement leaves no stone unturned. “We strive to continuously improve our services so we can respond to the changing needs of our society and meet and exceed the needs of our service recipients,” says Chang.

To offer this level of service to so many, St. James’ Settlement relies heavily on volunteers, including many from Morgan Stanley. Since 2003, employees have been helping out in a myriad of ways in programs and at centers that service people all over Hong Kong. “The support from Morgan Stanley volunteers in contributing their time, patience and skill is so valuable because the services we offer require a human touch,” says Chang.

This person-to-person interaction provides something for the volunteers, too: “Our employees are truly passionate about helping those in need and St. James’ Settlement offers them the ability to give back in a variety of ways that speak to them personally,” says Joan Steinberg, Global Head of Philanthropy, Morgan Stanley. “Morgan Stanley is honored to be a part of furthering the mission of this important organization.”

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