Morgan Stanley
  • Firm Leadership
  • Sep 16, 2015

Morgan Stanley Dazzles In Times Square

A new seven-screen digital display transforms financial data and Morgan Stanley insights into an eruption of color and cinematic image.

It takes a lot to steal the limelight in a place like Times Square, but Morgan Stanley managed to do so on a Wednesday morning in September when it unveiled a new digital display wrapping around the front of its global headquarters on Broadway.

What were once the basic amber ticker lines of financial news running across the front of the building have been replaced with three screens across the entire front, two 45 foot high flat panels on the sides and two 60 foot barrels wrapping the corners.

Liquified Gold

All seven media canvases are fully synchronized to operate as one digital display, upon which about 1,800 blocks of content is streamed over a 19-hour period. The synchronized display system visualizes financial data to give it more meaning. Commodity prices are brought to life, for example, by tons of corn filling up the barrels as if they were silos and the headquarters being engulfed by liquified gold.

Morgan Stanley showcases the people, insights and impact of the Firm, using six million LED pixels and 281 trillion colors to depict its Healthy Cities initiative, its Capital Creates Change campaign, and more Morgan Stanley Blue Papers spotlight emerging technology trends with videos of high tech wearables and driverless cars whizzing across the façade.

“This state of the art digital experience is another powerful way to shine a spotlight on our ideas and impact and showcase the work we do for clients and communities around the world,” said Chairman and CEO James Gorman.

Engaging New Audiences

The new signage adds to Morgan Stanley’s eco-system of digital assets, which enable the Firm to engage new audiences.

As Morgan Stanley’s digital content display will tell you, 60% of visitors to Times Square spend more than five minutes looking at the signs, and almost half take pictures of them.

Morgan Stanley hopes its addition to the neighborhood will extend that viewing time. So far, so good. “Wow, I think this is what it must feel like on New Year’s Eve,” said a tourist from Germany, becoming part of a throng of New Yorkers on their way to work, gaping at liquid gold pouring luxuriously over 1585 Broadway.

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