Morgan Stanley and our brand ambassador, PGA champion Justin Rose, share a set of core values and a common cause: giving books to children in need.

Dedication to excellence, commitment to helping others, a record of outstanding results. These mark the shared values, achievements and teamwork between Morgan Stanley and 10-time PGA TOUR champion Justin Rose. In December, 2017, Rose was named a brand ambassador for Morgan Stanley, which has been a Proud Partner of PGA TOUR’s THE PLAYERS® Championship since 2016.

"Morgan Stanley as a company embodies many of the traits that I pride myself on: focus, integrity and giving back,” says Rose, with wins in 24 world-wide professional events, including the U.S. Open Championship in 2013, and was an Olympic gold medalist in 2016.

A key initiative of this collaboration has been the Morgan Stanley Eagles for Impact Challenge at THE PLAYERS® Championship. For every eagle made during the tournament, Morgan Stanley donates $5,000 to Book Trust—the equivalent of 1,500 books donated to students in need.

“My wife Kate and I are passionate about the impact books have had on our two young children, and we’re so excited to help Morgan Stanley give young readers a chance to own books they’ll cherish,” says Rose. “THE PLAYERS® Championship is the most prestigious event on the PGA TOUR, and charitable initiatives like Morgan Stanley’s Eagles for Impact Challenge make it even more special.”

This year, with Rose’s help, Morgan Stanley hopes to put another 75,000 or more books in the hands of underprivileged children, who, through Book Trust, are empowered to develop a lifetime passion for reading by choosing, taking home and loving their own books.

“I can’t think of a better ambassador for the Morgan Stanley brand than Justin,” says Mandell Crawley, Head of Private Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. “We share a commitment with Justin to giving back to our communities and to giving children a healthy start to life.”