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Plan for Life, Not Just Retirement

A look at why a goals-based wealth management plan goes beyond just investments and helps plan for all your life goals.

Preparing for retirement is a daunting challenge for today's investors.

A generation ago, most Americans could count on a traditional pension to cover many of their expenses in retirement. Fast-forward 30 years and traditional pensions have been replaced almost entirely by self-directed investment vehicles like 401(k)’s and IRA’s. In other words, we’re all on our own for retirement planning.

Complicating matters is the fact that this new responsibility is being imposed at a time when most experts anticipate that, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, financial assets will produce significantly less income than they once did.1

Unfortunately, what often passes for retirement advice these days amounts to a lot of “one-size-fits-all” investing ideas.

Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors believe that the key to retirement planning is a holistic goals-based wealth management plan based on you. Your wealth-management plan should go beyond just investments and retirement, but help plan for your other life goals like saving for your child’s education.

Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor will help tailor a framework that considers the key aspects of your financial life, from your age and aspirations, to current market opportunities, to potential withdrawal strategies once you’ve retired.

Plus, your Financial Advisor will provide you with a personalized progress score to help you determine if you’re on target to fund your goals, no matter what your stage of life.

Talk to a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor today and ask how you can prepare for retirement and all of life’s big moments with a comprehensive goals-based wealth management strategy.

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